I am Mandinka woman born in the Smiling Coast of Africa. I moved to Denmark at the age of 15. I hold a BSc degree in Biomedicine. Growing up as a teenager in Denmark, I felt the lack of diversity and positive representation of black people in Denmark, which has inspired me to  co-found NottheNorm, a platform that focus on telling the stories of Afrodanes through visual storytelling, exhibitions and dialogues. I describe myself as a storyteller, entrepreneur, writer with passion for art and science. My natinaluty is planet Earth, my heart belongs to nature, my first love was me, the prints on my finger are unlike anyone else’s. There is no one like me.

My name is Aja Saidy and I am wonderfully Not the Norm.




Born in the Pearl of Africa, raised between lands – Uganda- South Africa and Denmark. Home has become wherever I am; between lands, between languages, between cultures, belonging and foreign intimacies. Something that makes me is my passion for connecting ideas and perspectives in as holistic a way as possible. I am the eldest of four afro-dane girls and hold a special place in my heart for the empowerment of other black nordic girls trying to navigate their differences and building bridges through their multi-existence experiences. Finding their own unique homes, voices & expressions of power. I am a multi-passionate creative, a womanist, a DIY enthusiast, foodie to the core, holistic living & healing practitioner and teacher – Everyday, I am working on becoming a decent ancestor,. one day at a time. 

My name is May Nakyanzi and I am wonderfully Not the Norm.




Cushitic bloodline, nomadic spirit, global & modern twist. I’m a product of the land of poetry, a land rich in history and culture but bloomed in Denmark. I got the best of both worlds. I’m an old school young soul in a modern era, yet I claim to see the world in a different way, MY WAY! My passion and inspiration is to create from my imagination. I’m a minimalist and simplicity is my art. Being creative when it comes to styling is the core of my own unique personality. I believe everything has its own beauty which needs to be discovered. Even our DNA’s is not identifiable.

My name is Samira and I’m wonderfully Not the Norm.




I’m a filmmaker born and raised in Denmark, with Ethiopian roots. I joined Not the Norm in 2019. I enjoy telling stories, I enjoy having a camera in my hand, and I enjoy filming the untold narrative. With an interesting case and a creative touch, I want to draw the audience into the story, and hopefully expand their view on certain topics.
My name is Keiria and I’m wonderfully Not the Norm.